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This course is open to everyone whether you are a beginner or a seasoned meditator.

Course Dates for 2020 coming soon


Studio Six, 6 Eleanor Street, Ashburton

Tuition  $290  Early Bird 

Regular Tuition $340 

8 week course

Includes your own manual plus seven beautiful recorded meditations for your ongoing practice.

Take what you learn on this course and use it for the rest of your life.

These courses are small and friendly and you don’t need to sit crossed legged on the floor! Places are limited though, so book now at the link above or do be in touch if you have any questions.

Are there times in your life when you feel anxious, stressed and distracted?

Are there situations in your life that are frustrating or difficult to manage?  Days when you feel unmotivated? Times you feel afraid or overwhelmed. Or do you not sleep well and find yourself with a busy worried mind at 4am?

I can help you understand where these feelings and emotions come from and how to gain control over them.  Learning to manage your mind through meditation gives you choice about how you’d like to feel, rather than simply wishing life would get easier.  It’s the only lasting way to feel inspired, happy and successful in your life.  Having control of your thoughts and emotions is a life skill that will enable you to feel confident and motivated and you’ll be able to calmly respond to the challenges in your life with control and composure, rather than allowing yourself to engage in habitual behaviour that doesn’t support you.

Integrative Restoration is a meditation protocol that will show you how it’s possible to live this way.  It’s practical in that it applies directly to 21st century living and can easily be assimilated into your daily life.  It’s also simple to learn and profound in the way it will enrich your life.

Thousands of people world-wide are now learning Integrative Restoration meditation, giving them the ability to reduce levels of anxiety, fear and depression, reduce insomnia and levels of stress, manage chronic and acute pain, boost confidence and motivation, feel inner peace, happiness and well-being and simply relax and enjoy life!


What people say:

“Ruth knows her subject matter very well and is an excellent communicator. The course notes provided are also very helpful. This meditation style is great for me, practical for every-day  living and very easy to integrate into your day. It has helped me to become more relaxed and sleep better and it provides tools to help you through any tough days.  Ruth’s  classes are a lot of fun; she has so much vitality and such a  positive attitude. I look forward to my weekly sessions, the meditation, the chats and the sense of peace that these classes bring to me.”
– Jenny Long

“Doing meditation classes has opened my mind to a new dimension.  I have learnt to embrace the challenges that life brings on a daily basis in a more objective way and by doing so I have found a balance.  I wish I had started doing meditation sooner, I am now a happier person.”
– Edwin Cruz

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