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The What, Why and How of Meditation

Workshop – Half-Day

In this short workshop I’ll show you some practical, simple and profound ways to enhance your mental, emotional and physical health through meditation and mindful living. This experiential workshop will provide you with a comprehensive manual, audio recordings and a personal plan to get started right away on your journey to living with less stress and more ease and peace in your life.

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Bring Your Vision to Life


This year I have a wish for you – that you stop being frustrated by fruitless New Year resolutions and implement a process that will propel you easily towards your authentic dreams and desires. Yes, it’s time to stop beating yourself up because the same unfulfilled hopes and dreams are coming around again! Join me for my fun filled, inspirational workshop and Vision Board Plus.

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iRest Meditation

6 and 8 Week Courses

iRest meditation is taught worldwide in corporations, prisons, schools, military hospitals and to the public. Its profound teachings will give you skills for life that will enable you to manage such things as stress, anxiety, fear, depression, insomnia, pain and other challenging emotions. This eight-week course comes with a comprehensive manual and 7 beautiful meditation recordings for your ongoing use at home.

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The Four Aspects of Wellbeing-Deep Dive

4-Week Course or Weekend Intensive

Are you a busy woman who yearns to take better care of her well-being and feel more calm, confident, and capable? All too often women put their well-being aside as they juggle multiple roles and responsibilities, often to the detriment of their happiness and tragically their health. This program will show you how to implement simple practices in your life that will enable you to stay on an ‘upward spiral of well-being’ so you can upgrade your experience of life and reach your full potential.

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Flow Yoga and Pilates

Weekly Class

Flow is an hour-long class combining, gentle Yoga, Pilates, stretch, relaxation and meditation. It is holistic in nature and deeply restorative. Taught in a small and friendly environment you will walk away from this class feeling supple, calm and relaxed and feeling two inches taller!

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Conscious Confidence and Self Esteem

6-Week Course or Weekend Intensive

I have taught the Conscious Confidence and Self Esteem course for many years after finding it’s insight and wisdom so powerful in my own life. I teach in a warm and supportive environment and offer this course in small groups. You will learn skills that are practical, simple and profound and will greatly enhance your confidence and happiness in life.

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