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Why join the Retreat Lovers Club?

Because occasionally you deserve to remove yourself from the demands and challenges of life and go on Retreat so you can come home feeling completely revitalised in mind, body and spirit.

Each retreat has a slightly different theme offering profound learning and all retreats are designed to help you deeply rest and restore, mentally, physically, and emotionally and of course have lots of fun whilst enjoying good company in a stunning location!

My work as a Yoga, Pilates, Meditation teacher and Self Esteem Coach are the tools I use to help women discover a deep sense of inner happiness, resilience, calm, composure and control. My retreats offer you the opportunity to discover your own inner beauty and come home with a renewed sense of optimism, self-worth and enjoyment for life.

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 Why Retreat?

Retreats are not a modern concept Buddhists annually make a retreat, Native Americans journey to the spirit, in your life you may take time to retreat to the bottom of the garden, out into nature, or to a hammock with a good book. Once in a while it’s nice to extend that time and reap the rewards of a longer retreat.

My retreats are based on the concept of removing yourself from the demands of your life and taking the time to Reset and Restore your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.  It is always my intention with every one of my retreat offerings that you have an experience beyond what is possible in your daily life and take home some life changing skills and tools to help you maintain a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

“I don’t know of anyone else offering what Ruth’s knowledge and experience can give you. She has all bases covered, combining Western psychology with Eastern Philosophies. Whatever your age or stage in life Ruth’s Retreats will offer you insights and skills you will be grateful for the rest of your life”
Jagriti Bhatia

You deserve the opportunity to experience a Retreat!

Whether you relish the opportunity to take time away from your hectic life and responsibilities, want to give yourself the gift of some peace and calm, take the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with your purpose and values, deepen your relationship with yourself or others or spend time alone; a Retreat is the perfect environment to gain clarity and perspective and foster real positive change in your life.

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