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The Final Step to Bring your New Year Vision to Life!

First a little background information on how your mind works. Knowledge is power and when you understand the workings of your mind you’ll be in a powerful position to use it for positive change in your life. Your mind is divided into two parts the conscious and the unconscious.  I like to think of the mind as a computer. The

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A Paradigm Shift that will Change Your Life!

If you haven’t already read my first New Year blog, go ahead and do that now.  It gives you lots of advice on how to begin the process of setting yourself up for a successful year. – New Year Resolutions the Wise Way. Reversing the ‘have – do – be’ thought process. Did you know that over 90% of your mind

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New Year’s Resolutions… The Wise Way

Would you like to do things differently this year? Try a new way of bringing your goals and dreams to life?  The powerful process of forming new habits, making positive changes, setting intentions and envisioning and bringing to life a brighter future is something that is now well researched and practiced by elite athletes and successful people.  It’s something I’ve

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What’s driving you up the wall?

Kids year 12 exams on the horizon, work place environment not pleasant, traffic everywhere, not enough time in the day, challenging relationships… What’s driving you up the wall? I know I’m not the only one who’s used the phrase “he/she/it’s driving me up the wall!” Sound familiar? Usually when we get to the stage of saying things like this we’re

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Are you a sceptic?

Are you a sceptic? Mindfulness has become a bit of a ‘buzz word’ recently and the benefits of meditation are now well researched.  Whilst I whole heartedly agree with spreading the message of health and wellbeing sometimes the things that are required of us to stay healthy can become overwhelming in themselves!! Many people I meet tell me that whilst

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January 2017 – Newsletter

Do you have plans, hope and dreams for 2017?  I’m sure you’ve pondered some of the things you’d like to do this year and perhaps thought about holidays or trips you’d like to take. The weekend papers are full of enticing articles and ads prompting us to relax and unwind, find a white sandy beach to lie on, or visit

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