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At last a relaxation CD that can become part of even the busiest person life!

This cleverly designed CD gives you two relaxation options.
TEN MINUTES to an energized body calmed emotions and a focused mind.
Relax during your lunch break, while your child is napping, during a break from study, before an important meeting or exam. Unwind before you drive home or whenever you need to recharge your energy.

And when time allows, moving into:

THIRTY MINUTES of deep relaxation. A process that helps bring balance into your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


If you prefer an mp3 download of Relax and Recharge it’s available for $17. Please contact Ruth.

 I still use your CD after all these years and in particular I really like the fact it includes going through each chakra and imagining color there as you clear negative thoughts and thinks positive thoughts. I haven’t been able to find any chakra cleansing I like as much!

Take some time to really unwind and recharge your energy. Feel healthier, happier and able to live life more fully.

For many years I have taught relaxation techniques as part of my work as a Yoga, and Pilates teacher and have become very aware of how even a short time relaxing each day can be extremely beneficial, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am also aware that we have very busy lives and not much time to devote to relaxing, which led me to design a relaxation process that is adaptable to your time constraints, can be achieved with just a little personal time and space and is extremely effective and re-energizing.

I’m hoping that you can find time to enjoy the 10-minute relaxation regularly, it can be easily achieved with a little personal time and space.

After an interlude of beautiful music, you then have the option of spending more time and continuing on with the relaxation process for a further 20 minutes. This deep relaxation can be done when you are less rushed, perhaps at the weekends. It will guide you through a relaxation which helps to bring balance to your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Enabling you to feel happier, healthier and to live life more fully.

Give yourself the gift of relaxation.

This CD is really user-friendly everyone can find ten minutes to relax. I lead an extremely busy and active life and find the ten-minute relaxation process lifts my energy, clears my mind and gives me the help I need to get through my day feeling vibrant.
Wendy Brindly