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In this age of long working hours and high stress levels it’s imperative to ensure that you and your staff are addressing mental, physical and emotional health in a conscious and proactive manner, and what better place to do it than in the convenience of your own workplace?

Take action to protect and optimize your most precious resource ….. your people.

Meditation and mindful living

Increase optimism and productivity in the work place, reduce levels of anxiety, stress and depression, improve concentration, memory and problem solving.

I teach a form of meditation called Integrative Restoration® in a way that is practical, simple and profound. You and your team will learn how to make the mind your best friend rather than your worst enemy and discover how to notice stress triggers and why it’s so important to manage these triggers for mental, emotional and physical health. The meditation skills you will learn can easily become a part of a daily routine and we’ll create a personalised plan for each team member, so they can live and work feeling more mindful, productive, positive and happy.  Imagine having a work environment where each team member has skills to manage stress, overwhelm and burnout and techniques to hand that will positively enhance their lives and be applicable both personally and professionally.

I teach meditation in a way that helps you easily integrate the practice into your everyday life and experience the exceptional benefits on a daily basis.

All meditation courses come with a written manual and seven audio meditations to use at home.

Scientific research emphasis’s the enormous benefits of mindfulness, exercise and meditation for human performance. Results are showing improvements in areas such as stress management, mental and physical stamina, improved concentration and memory, problem solving and multi-tasking. The benefits to an individual and their business are direct and measurable. Leaders and employers of choice recognize and take action to protect and optimize their most precious resource ….. their people.

Conscious Confidence and Self Esteem

Understand the origins and reasons why we suffer from anxiety, fear and stress leading to lack of confidence and cultivate a positive, confident, calm outlook on life.

During this course participants learn a series of practical and simple processes to identify thoughts and beliefs that can be destructive. Participants learn practical and repeatable skills and techniques that enable them to stay on a positive and esteemed path.  They will take home a tool kit to help them manage difficult emotions, face challenging circumstances, deepen their inner resilience, achieve goals with calm composure and access more of their potential.

Mental stress manifests in many ways. It is estimated to cost Australian business more than $10 billion per year. Mental stress related claims result in absenteeism and impacts not only the individual but their family, co-workers, employers and a business’s bottom line.

Prevention is better than cure, and many business leaders are already realizing benefits of proactively reducing stress and addressing the mental, emotional and physical aspects of health and well-being for themselves and their staff.


corporate yoga meditation classes melbourneConscious Confidence and Self Esteem is a transformative personal development programme that has been taught in corporations, schools, universities, prisons and to the general public all over the world.  Learning how to maintain our own sense of self-worth has enormous “knock-on effects” in our lives, leaving us feeling, powerful, productive, purposeful, calm and content, regardless of life circumstances

Over many years, I have perfected workshops tailored specifically to clients needs. Workshops are individual, carefully planned and professionally run. All teaching is supported by informative manuals.

I am experienced provider of corporate classes in meditation, self esteem, Yoga and Pilates.  My background and expertise enables me to specifically address the needs of busy people working full time.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss the best approach to your workplace well-being program.

Ruth’s in house classes draw on her extensive experience as a Meditation teacher and Self Esteem Enhancement coach



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