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Mental stress manifests in many ways. It is estimated to cost Australian business more than $10 billion per year. Mental stress related claims result in absenteeism and impacts not only the individual but their family, co-workers, employers and a business’s bottom line.

Prevention is better than cure, and many business leaders are already realizing benefits of proactively reducing stress and addressing the mental, emotional and physical aspects of health and well-being for themselves and their staff.

I am experienced provider of corporate classes in Yoga, Pilates, meditation and mindfulness in Camberwell, Melbourne. My background and expertise enables me to specifically address the needs of busy people working full time.

Group yoga exerciseWhat does this mean?

Scientific research emphasis’s the enormous benefits of mindfulness, exercise and meditation for human performance. Results are showing improvements in areas such as stress management, mental and physical stamina, improved concentration and memory, problem solving and multi-tasking. The benefits to an individual and their business are direct and measurable. Leaders and employers of choice recognize and take action to protect and optimize their most precious resource ….. their people.

Over many years, I have perfected workshops tailored specifically to clients needs. Workshops are individual, carefully planned and professionally run. All teaching is supported by informative manuals.

Inner and outer wellness is addressed through combining Pilates, Yoga and Meditation together with Self-Esteem Enhancement and Conflict Resolution. The balance of these disciplines can be weighted according to your and your staff’s specific needs.

In this age of long working hours and high stress levels it’s imperative to ensure that you and your staff are addressing mental, physical and emotional health in a conscious and proactive manner, and what better place to do it than in the convenience of your own workplace?

Wherever you are in Melbourne I’d be delighted to help you integrate corporate Yoga, Pilates, meditation and mindfulness classes at your place of work.

Classes, courses or workshops can be arranged including one or several of the following modalities.

Guided Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) is a process of going to one of the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. During this process the body is able to heal and regenerate and the autonomic symptoms of high anxiety such as headaches, elevated heart rates, muscle tension and fatigue fall away. It is a highly beneficial process of indulging in deep conscious relaxation that allows the regeneration of your body and relaxing and focusing your mind.

Integrative Restoration® Meditation. The evidence is now overwhelming and well documented by research, demonstrating that regular practice of meditation can greatly enhance your ability to relax and enjoy life, decrease anxiety, fear, and depression, reduce insomnia and levels of stress and increase inner peace and well-being.

Through meditation you will discover the nature of the mind and develop a true sense of inner happiness and composure, transforming worry and “busy-ness” into peace and calm. I teach meditation in a way that helps you easily integrate the practice into your everyday life and experience the exceptional benefits on a daily basis.

Ruth’s in house classes draw on her extensive experience teaching Pilates, Yoga, Meditation and Self Esteem Enhancement courses.

Three men doing press-ups at the gymPilates helps enhance your core strength, mobility, posture and balance. Pilates promotes inner physical awareness and helps the body move with holistic efficiency enhancing feelings of physical and mental wellbeing. When you carry what you learn from Pilates into your every day activities, you will be amazed at the difference.

Yoga brings stability to the body and mind through a series of postures, during which the breath facilitates concentration, inward reflection and ease of movement. Yoga helps strengthen your bones and muscles, correct posture, improve breathing, release stress and increase your energy. It is a highly developed system of mind body exercise designed to tune the body and mind to optimal health.

Body Sensing is a highly restorative and very gentle form of Yoga. Wonderfully relaxing and deeply releasing Body Sensing is the ultimate experience in mind body connection. Restore your vitality, calm and focus through the unification of deep, gentle yoga stretches, slow mindful movement and breath work. This practice will help release tension from your body and mind leaving you feeling calm and composed and deeply relaxed. You will move more feely, think more clearly and float through your day. Move towards a more conscious and embodied state and access inner calm and well-being.

Conscious Confidence and Self-Esteem is a transformative personal development programme that has been taught in corporations, schools, universities, prisons and to the general public all over the world.

Every person in the workplace is dealing with their own demons!

Most of us have grown up learning to measure our successes and failures against others and our own, often unrealistic, expectations of ourselves and even when others recognise our talents and capabilities we still doubt we our self worth. We often accuse ourselves of not achieving or contributing enough even though we work hard. This is because our minds generate thoughts and beliefs that often go unnoticed and can be a negative force in our lives.

How does this effect the work place?

It is very difficult for us to lead a fully functioning life when we are –

  • Needing the acceptance of those around us, unable to unlock our own resilience
  • Driven to create results in life generating stress and anxiety rarely experiencing achieving goals with calm, composure.
  • Feeling unable to go for new goals and dreams because we are fearful and don’t believe we are capable, unable to access and understand the negative thought patterns that keep you on this treadmill.
  • Worrying about what others think of us and so unable to access more of
  • our true potential
  • Judging and criticising ourselves and others and unable to learn and grow from
  • critical feedback
  • Only able to feel good about ourselves once we have achieved our goals
  • unable to tap into our true creativity
 Yoga instructor on meditation

Conscious Confidence and Self Esteem teaches us the skills to understand this cycle and live life free of these destructive habits and thus engage fully in all areas of life including our place of work.

It is a transformative personal development programme that has been taught in corporations, schools, universities, prisons and to the general public all over the world.
Learning how to maintain our own sense of self-worth has enormous “knock-on effects” in our lives, leaving us feeling, powerful, productive, purposeful, calm and content, regardless of life circumstances.

What’s next?

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