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The Four Aspects of Well-Being Deep Dive

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Taking care of your well-being is more important now than ever!


Your level of well-being is the foundation of your capacity to navigate daily challenges with ease and composure, feel happy, and enjoy success in your life!

Here’s what you’ll discover on The Four Aspects of Well-Being Deep Dive

♦ Learn how to unravel your unhelpful and habitual thought processes so you’ll know how to diminish feelings of self-doubt and enjoy genuine clarity and confidence.

♦ Uncover what’s sapping your energy and clouding your outlook and put the steps in place needed to ensure you feel invigorated, empowered, and inspired.

♦ Discover how you’re generating unnecessary tension and resistance in your mind and body – that manifests as procrastination in your life. Learn how to unlock your potential to live with more ease, trust, and enjoyment in life.

♦ Recognise the incredible healing power of Self-Compassion, so you can not only have confidence in your own well-being but share it with others.

♦ Implement a personal plan of well-being that’s simple to follow and easily fits into your lifestyle. So you can rest assured that every day you are stepping onto an upward spiral of wellbeing.

Ruth is an inspirational teacher like no other, her genuine care, knowledge, and passion make her courses even more enjoyable. After completing her 4 aspects series, I have come away with a clearer understanding of my emotional self and how it impacts my daily attitudes. I now have a greater awareness, clarity, and calmness in my life. Nicky Dardis

This program is liberating because of the simplicity of the tools it teaches and empowering because it puts you back in control of what can sometimes seem like a mind and body that’s been hijacked by stress and overwhelm.

Whether you would like to thrive as a parent or in your career or business, carry your professional and family responsibilities with more ease or feel more confident and capable, this program will help you. If you’d like to be able to manage change and uncertainty with greater flexibility, stop worrying so much or simply feel more comfortable in your own skin, this program will help you.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss how this program can be tailored to the specific needs of you and / or your staff.

Ruth has introduced me to a range of practical mindful living and meditation tools that I am now using daily and as a result, I am feeling calmer, more positive, and have improved my inner resourcefulness and strength. She is a wonderful teacher – supportive, knowledgeable, genuine AND her voice is super soothing. I have jumped in and signed up for Ruth’s next program! Amy Kennedy

Here’s what you get 

The Four Aspects of Well-Being Deep Dive Online Series 

From the comfort of your own home and in the company of other like-minded women – we’ll dive into key topics each week that will enable you to greatly enhance your well-being

You’ll go away with practices that you can implement easily and quickly into your daily life so you reap the benefits immediately

You’ll also get  

♦ Year-long access to the Well-Being for Women Resource Page an online portal where you can gain access to:
♦ All recordings of sessions, practice instructions, and meditation audio recordings from The Four Aspects of Well-Being program
♦ Exclusive access for one year to the Wise Woman Hub
an online portal where you can gain FREE access to:
♦ Flow Yoga-Pilates class videos
♦ iRest and Guided Meditation audios
♦ Early Bird Notification of up and coming Retreats
Membership of the Well-Being for Women Facebook Private Group

Go to the Contacts page and contact Ruth for 2021 program dates.