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Taking care of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing in a busy 21st century lifestyle is now more important than ever.
Using my expertise as a meditation teacher, self-esteem coach, and Yoga teacher let me give you the tools to manage your mind so you can live with greater ease and happiness and reach your full potential.

Ruth’s meditation classes have given me the tools to de-stress my life, by creating a mindful realisation and awareness of how our minds can sabotage our well-being.  Our thoughts are our interpretation of events due to beliefs and habits that may not necessarily be true or serve us now.  We have the power to be aware and not get caught up in the story of these thoughts, thereby acknowledging and accepting them through meditation we can allow them to pass on.  This opens space and calm for a more constructive mindful existence.  I would highly recommend Ruth’s course as the tools are very simply explained by practical application.  I feel empowered with new independence and confidence to move forward in life, alleviating conscious and unconscious anxiety with the tools I have learned and applied in my daily life.  Thank you Ruth
Kim Balfour

Some of the organisations Ruth has helped through her work