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Taking care of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing in a busy 21st century lifestyle is now more important than ever.
Using my expertise as a meditation teacher, self-esteem coach, and Yoga teacher let me give you the tools to manage your mind so you can live with greater ease and happiness and reach your full potential.

I found Ruth’s meditation sessions very comforting, instructive and peaceful.  I have learnt a lot.  As a beginner, I have much more to learn, but I have been able to use some of the theories and practices of iRest in my everyday life.  I have been assisted to deal with some issues that have been hanging around for a while, and the meditations have allowed me to be calm and deal with issues that come up in everyday life.  I particularly found your sessions on finding opposites to negative feelings and beliefs very helpful, and I find that I can reassure myself when negative thoughts, situations, and feelings come my way.  Thank you for your wisdom, your easy nature, and your ability to be a good teacher.  Thank you Ruth.
Chris Sartori

Some of the organisations Ruth has helped through her work