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Welcome to my website. I am based near Camberwell in Melbourne. My work is founded on my expertise in meditation and mindfullness and my background as a teacher of yoga, pilates and self esteem ehancement. Let me help you restore balance and harmony to your mind and body and live with more ease, peace and joy in your life.

  • I could not recommend Ruth's iRest® course more highly. I felt comfortable and welcomed right from the beginning. Her insights and teachings have stayed with me.  I am very grateful for her wisdom and to have had the opportunity to be guided to stillness by Ruth.

  • Being aware of the benefits of meditation, I was keen to learn about something that was  a bit of a mystery to me. I am not a particularly anxious person, and having been a critical care nurse, think of myself as being quite good at remaining calm in stressful situations. I don't have any aches or pains and I am lucky to have a happy, stable family life. The point of this is to say I wasn't looking for any particular therapy. However at 55 years old I have become very aware of the need to look after our bodies, and know that physical and mental health are completely interdependent on each other. Ruth’s course is structured and easy to follow, presented in her comfortable, welcoming studio.  Supporting notes and recordings give you something to refer to and practice during the week. Of course it will take ongoing practice to gain all the benefits of meditation, but I am definitely on my way now, so thank you Ruth, I am so pleased I signed up!

  • Ruth is a fantastic teacher and I would highly recommend her to anyone going through a hard time or is just interested in the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

    Chris Brewer

  • Doing meditation classes has opened up my mind to a new dimension. I have learnt to embrace the challenges that life brings up on a daily basis in a more objective way and by doing so I have found a balance, an inner peace that is always available which only leads to being happier. I have also learnt that happiness is right here, right now. I encourage anyone considering doing meditation classes to explore their inner self and to discover the powers hidden in their mind. I wish I had started doing meditation sooner, I am now a happier person.

    Edwin Cruz

  • Meditation has helped me reduce or manage my fear about my future, now I find it easier to live in the present. Thank you!

  • Ruth seamlessly combines Western cognitive techniques with Eastern meditative practices to create a diverse and powerful learning experience. Her wisdom, levity and grace made me feel safe and supported even when working through deeply personal challenges.

    Ben Hickey

  • I was recommended to Ruth Oliver’s Irest Meditation course by a friend some 12 months ago. Ruth knows her subject matter very well and is an excellent communicator. The course notes provided are also very helpful. This meditation style is great for me and practical for everyday living; just so easy to integrate into your day. It has helped me to become more relaxed, sleep better and provides tools to help through any tough days. Ruth’s classes are a lot of fun; she has so much vitality and such a positive attitude. I look forward to my weekly sessions the meditation, the chats and the sense of peace that these classes bring to me. So, thanks very much Ruth.

    Jenny Long

  • I would like to highly recommend Ruth Oliver. I have been doing Pilates classes incorporating yoga movements now for many years. Ruth comes to my home and we do exercises that are specific for my needs and capabilities. Ruth brings with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I am extremely grateful to Ruth for keeping me  flexible. I have scoliosis and disc degeneration and without Ruth’s care and an excellent program, I would be extremely stiff and quite immobile today.

    Anne Fuchs

  • Ruth conducts her sessions in an inclusive manner with a personal touch. The sessions are educational, practical, engaging and fun. Ruth is a highly accomplished leader and great facilitator. Whether new to meditation or an old hand, I am sure that your personal growth will flourish. I have completed both one on one and group sessions and highly recommend both.

    Paul Missen

  • Ruth's friendly, calming and encouraging manner is welcoming and puts me at ease during an, often, busy day. The exercises are always varied, interesting and challenging. I highly recommend Ruth's classes. The atmosphere is fun and friendly and it doesn't matter if you attend casually or every week. I always feel better afterwards!

    L. Ring

  • To me Ruth is a mentor and an inspiration. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone wanting to develop a deeper mind body connection in a really safe nurturing environment.

    Janice Harvey

  • I’ve done many different types of meditation and enjoyed them, but this is something different. Ruth has great skill in her ability to take the mystery out of meditation and during her courses you will not only learn how to meditate but how to bring that mindfulness to your everyday life. I highly recommend Ruth’s Integrative Restoration meditation course. It’s a practice I’m sure you will want to continue for life. I know I do.

    Lisa Ceruto

  • Ruth is always enthusiastic and displays tremendous commitment and belief in the philosophies behind the classes she teaches.

    Marian Hiland

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