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Taking care of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing in a busy 21st century lifestyle is now more important than ever.
Using my expertise as a meditation teacher, self-esteem coach, and Yoga teacher let me give you the tools to manage your mind so you can live with greater ease and happiness and reach your full potential.

Ruth and her Integrative Meditation class were nothing short of amazing for my partner, Mike and I. Both being time-poor, stressed and high-strung as directors of our company, we were looking for something to balance our tense and fiery personalities. With Ruth’s classes we found it a very useful tool to help pull us away from reacting to the noise of everyday life. Searching within ourselves to find our own inner peace. In my own experience, I suffered a few traumatic issues such as my dog being stolen and having a car crash during the weeks I attended to her meditation. However through the use of iRest, I was able to control my negative emotions and “respond” rather than react. (I got my dog back in 3 days and handled the car accident unbelievably calmly.) I am ever so thankful for attending this class and have managed to put what I’ve learned into practice and help others become aware of their own negative states similar to mine by simply spreading the word of what worked through the classes. Thank you to Ruth who was absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend you take this class, as there is more to gain than one could ever properly explain.
Liezel Bandong

Some of the organisations Ruth has helped through her work