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I could not recommend Ruth’s iRest® course more highly.

I felt comfortable and welcomed right from the beginning.

Her insights and teachings have stayed with me. 

I am very grateful for her wisdom and to have had the opportunity

to be guided to stillness by Ruth.

Jeanette O’Brien

I found Ruth’s meditation sessions very comforting, instructive and peaceful.  I have learnt a lot.  As a beginner I have much more to learn, but I have been able to use some of the theories and practices of iRest in my everyday life.  I have been assisted to deal with some issues that have been hanging around for a while, and the meditations have allowed me to be calm and deal with issues that come up in everyday life.  I particularly found your sessions on finding opposites  to negative feelings and beliefs very helpful, and I find that I can reassure myself when negative thoughts, situations and feelings come my way.  Thank you for your wisdom, your easy nature and your ability to be a good teacher.  Thank you Ruth.

Chris Sartori

Ruth and her Integrative Meditation class were nothing short of amazing for my partner, Mike and I. Both being time-poor, stressed and high-strung as directors of our company, we were looking for something to balance our tense and fiery personalities. With Ruth’s classes we found it a very useful tool to help pull us away from reacting to the noise of everyday life. Searching within ourselves to find our own inner peace. In my own experience, I suffered a few traumatic issues such as my dog being stolen and having a car crash during the weeks I attended to her meditation. However through the use of iRest, I was able to control my negative emotions and “respond” rather than react. (I got my dog back in 3 days and handled the car accident unbelievably calmly.) I am ever so thankful for attending this class and have managed to put what I’ve learned into practice and help others become aware of their own negative states similar to mine by simply spreading the word of what worked through the classes. Thank you to Ruth who was absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend you take this class, as there is more to gain than one could ever properly explain.

Liezel Bandong

I have found the meditation practice taught by Ruth really helpful in managing anxiety and pain. I looked forward to the weekly group classes which provided a safe and comfortable environment to learn and practise meditation. Ruth‘s approach is warm, welcoming and very practical. The course has finished and I continue to use the recordings every day.


I loved my time spent in your meditation course last term. Your soothing voice and calm words had me mesmerised as soon as I entered the room.

I know the techniques of meditation will take time to learn but I love practicing as well. Any quiet, soulful time spent visualising places and relaxing the body and mind must be good for us?

My main issue is finding the right time to keep it always in my schedule. My new years resolution……to meditate every day.

Thanks for the enlightenment Ruth, it was brilliant.

Christine Metcalfe

Being aware of the benefits of meditation, I was keen to learn about something that was  a bit of a mystery to me.

I am not a particularly anxious person, and having been a critical care nurse, think of myself as being quite good at remaining calm in stressful situations. I don’t have any aches or pains and I am lucky to have a happy, stable family life. The point of this is to say I wasn’t looking for any particular therapy. However at 55 years old I have become very aware of the need to look after our bodies, and know that physical and mental health are completely interdependent on each other.

Ruth’s course is structured and easy to follow, presented in her comfortable, welcoming studio.  Supporting notes and recordings give you something to refer to and practice during the week.

Of course it will take ongoing practice to gain all the benefits of meditation, but I am definitely on my way now, so thank you Ruth, I am so pleased I signed up!

Penny V.

I continue to be amazed at how powerful this type of meditation is for me. Two significant revelations which have lifted a huge weight that I didn’t realise I was carrying around!!

Name withheld

dsc_5753-me_pubThe mental health benefits of meditation are well documented. The iRest meditation course with Ruth Oliver provides a safe and supportive environment to learn and practice the fundamentals of meditation and bring stillness and clarity to our often turbulent minds.

Dr Arj HerathGeneral PractitionerBMBS. FRACGP

Doing meditation classes has opened up my mind to a new dimension. I have learnt to embrace the challenges that life brings up on a daily basis in a more objective way and by doing so I have found a balance, an inner peace that is always available which only leads to being happier. I have also learnt that happiness is right here, right now. I encourage anyone considering doing meditation classes to explore their inner self and to discover the powers hidden in their mind. I wish I had started doing meditation sooner, I am now a happier person.

Edwin Cruz

Meditation has helped me to think more clearly and not worry about the past or coping with everyday stresses. It has also helped a lot in dealing with severe grief after the death of my husband.