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Conscious Confidence and Self Esteem

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I have taught the Conscious Confidence and Self Esteem course for many years after finding it’s insight and wisdom so powerful in my own life. I teach in a warm and supportive environment and offer this course in small groups. You will learn skills that are practical, simple and profound and will greatly enhance your confidence and happiness in life.


Are you someone who even when others recognise your talents and capabilities find it difficult to accept compliments and doubt you are worthy or good enough!


I will show you that like many, through the process of growing up and being unaware of your unconscious thought patterns, you have learned to measure your successes and failures against others and your own, often unrealistic, expectations of yourself. This happens because your mind generates thoughts and beliefs that often go unnoticed and can be a negative force in your life.

Would you like to know how to break this cycle, be more confident and learn to nurture compassion for yourself and others?


It is very difficult for you to lead a fully functioning life when you are –

  • Worrying about what others think of you and unable to access more of your true potential
  • Judging and criticising yourself or others, regretting negative behaviour and unable to learn and grow from critical feedback
  • Unable to remain calm and composed when life is stressful
  • Only able to feel good about yourself once you have achieved your goals, unable to tap into your true creativity.
  • Needing the acceptance of those around you, unable to unlock your own resilience
  • Driven to create results in life generating stress and anxiety rarely experiencing achieving your goals with calm, composure.
  • Unable to go for new goals and dreams because you are fearful and don’t believe you are capable, unable to access and release the negative thought patterns that keep you on this treadmill.
  • Unable to express yourself fully and so not bringing forth your honesty and power.

Are you wanting more from life or from yourself and would like to learn to manage the unhelpful and negative thought process of your mind?

Then this course will be of great and immediate value.

Conscious Confidence and Self Esteem is an educational course and I teach it in both a six week format (one night a week), or over a weekend.

You will enjoy being in a small group with a maximum of 8 people and benefit from experience based learning which means the course involves writing, listening to audios, learning to be mindful of your unconscious mind, sharing your experiences and working with others in the group. The things you will learn are practical, repeatable take home skills that will help keep you mindful of your self esteem. With practice the techniques you learn can become an integral part of the invaluable, on-going growth and development of your confidence. You also receive written and audio material for your on-going development.

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Learning how to maintain our own sense of self-worth has enormous “knock on” effects in our lives, leaving us feeling powerful, productive, purposeful, calm and content, regardless of life circumstances.

“Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.”
Jim Rohn.

What’s next?

Contact Ruth if you would like to enrol for the next Conscious confidence and self esteem course.

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Be your happiest! Live with Conscious confidence and self-esteem.