Discover your own innate ability to remain calm in the eye of the storm

When was the last time you set your alarm early so you could deliberately start your day by flooding your mind and body with compassionate, calming and uplifting thoughts?! Not sure, can’t remember, never…

Most day’s we wake up with a mind half full of what we didn’t resolve yesterday and a new list of things to be dealt with today.  We barely take a breath before our feet hit the floor and another day begins.

Are you your own best friend?

Research estimates that the average brain has anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 thoughts a day. Many of these are the same unconscious thought patterns day after day, we are creatures of habit! Research also suggests that as many as 70% of these daily thoughts can be negative. This internal pessimistic dialogue results in an overactive nervous system and effects our mental, emotional and physical health. We rarely have complete control over external events but with a little practice we can develop control over our internal environment.

Often significant challenges are thrown at us, as well as the daily stuff of life that needs to be managed. It’s great to have friends and family and support to help us through these times and it’s also important to remember the adage “you are your own best friend.”

Your own inner safe sanctuary

Deliberately cultivating your own inner safe sanctuary and fostering thoughts and feelings of safety, composure, happiness, trust, health and wholeness trains your mind and body to respond to these thoughts and benefit from the mental and emotional nourishment.  First you can practice doing it quietly by yourself and eventually during difficult life events. This process helps you discover your own innate ability to remain calm in the eye of the storm.

How to begin

Begin by writing down what thoughts, memories, images, symbols, places etc. make you feel more, peaceful, happy and at ease with life.  Next make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.  Spend some time allowing your mind to open to all the information that is there and gradually bring your attention to your body and your breath.  Recall all the things you wrote down, see the images and bring to life in your mind all the things that make you feel safe and in control, have a sense that everything in your life is ok. Notice the feeling in your body as you think about these things and spend time nurturing that calm, easy, joyous feeling in your body.

We call this an Inner Resource when teaching it during the iRest meditation course. Spend time nurturing your Inner Resource and the comforting feelings it brings.  Gradually you will notice that instead of being buried under a myriad of rambling thoughts this comfortable, peaceful place is forefront of your mind often!

Press play to enjoy your quick and totally relaxing meditation.


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