Stay on an Upward Spiral of Inspiration

My last two blogs were about –

  • The importance of getting very clear about your goals and dreams, visualising them with clarity and conciseness, which is what the mind needs.
  • ‘Noticing’ when your mind has become your worst enemy and is chatting away making you feel doubtful and keeping you stuck in your old behavior.

If you haven’t read the last two blogs, go ahead and read them now and listen to the free meditation

(Inspiration meditation by Ruth Oliver) that will help you get very clear about your goals.

Now, we’re going to put step 3 in place, effective techniques that will help you recover from the effects of our discouraging mind chatter and relax into taking some action, one small change at a time.

If you want to get started right away –

Download my free 5 minute “Upward Spiral Relaxation IR and Intention” meditation.


Your free Upward Spiral of Action Diagram” Pdf to remind you how to stay on track.

You may have heard of the phrase ‘Upward Spiral’ – originally coined by Paul Kennedy in his book The Rise and Fall of Great Powers.  I’m proposing we use this concept, not to understand more about our political leaders, that would be enough to put anyone off their goals; but to help your own ‘great powers’ rise!

When we’re on a downward spiral, which can be anything from feeling completely fed up with life to just having a bad day, motivation and inspiration will be at a low ebb. This is when your dreams and desires are put on the back burner.  Once they’re on the back burner they’re often forgotten and by the end of the year, rather than feeling confident and self-assured because you achieved something, you feel disheartened and disappointed that another year has gone by and nothing has changed.

Lack of Inspiration = Lack of Motivation  

Today I’m going to help you stay on what I call an ‘Upward Spiral of Inspiration,’ because if we are not inspired, we’re not going to be motivated to act.

Use the free Upward Spiral of Inspiration Meditation and pdf Chart to notice when you’re stuck and help you to keep moving towards your desires.

This meditation and chart will help you to remember to completely relax, recharge and reset your compass whenever you’re feeling frustrated and not achieving the things that are important to you.

It will help you empty your busy mind and foster an internal feeling of calm called your Inner Resource; and show you how to set an Intention, helping you to come back to your day with a renewed sense clarity and composure.

I hope you enjoy the meditation and it helps you to enjoy more ease and peace even as you move towards what might be some challenging goals this year.

Download your Upward Spiral of Action Diagram

Download my free 5 minute meditation “Upward Spiral Relaxation IR and Intention”.