The Inner and Outer work required for Success!

We need to do the Inner and Outer work required for Success

(If you haven’t read my first blog Set yourself up for Success in 2019 – go ahead a read that first and download the free meditation that’s there for you)

There are two aspects to success and happiness. 1) Doing the inner work of taking control of our mindset and our emotions and, 2) The outer action-oriented ‘doing’ work.

I’m going to challenge you to keep these facets on your radar and to recognise instantly whether it would benefit you to spend time doing some inner work (this is usually the one that is neglected) or more outer action?

We’ll put some practices in place to address both these areas and help you move towards your goals and desires for the coming year with more inspiration and ease.

Get to know the unconscious thoughts that are throwing obstacles in your path

It’s often our unconscious ‘inner’ thoughts, emotions and beliefs that throw obstacles in our path to success, these thoughts go unnoticed but are the driving force behind, fear, doubt, lack of self-confidence and procrastination.

These unconscious thoughts are mostly negative and so we spend much of our day listening to our mind whispering – ‘don’t expect too much of yourself,’ and ‘don’t be surprised if that doesn’t work.’ Or ‘it’s unlikely this is going to be a success.’ We rarely consciously hear our inner self talk or do anything to alleviate it, it simply becomes unhelpful background noise. And very detrimental to our success!

To one degree or another we all have that critical little voice that doubts and frets.  It’s the voice that stops you losing weight, finding a great relationship, taking up a new hobby, starting up a new business, getting fit or moving out of your comfort zone.  It takes interest, honesty, patience and persistence to tame that unhelpful voice, but it can be done, and over time the new habits you form will be embodied and feel natural and empowering because you’ve done this inner work.

So your challenge is to simply NOTICE

So, what do we need to do?  The first step is to simply NOTICE that you have that doubting, fretting, critical voice…

How do you notice?

When you’re FEELING down, unmotivated, lazy, doubtful or fearful, you can be sure that negative voice is chatting away. When confidence has run out the door – NOTICE – there’s an inner conversation going on that’s draining you of your confidence. When you’re frustrated – NOTICE – your inner dialogue. When you’re nervous – NOTICE the inner conversation that’s fueling those nerves. When you’re demotivated tune in to the discussion that’s happening in your head. Simply NOTICE.

That’s it! Your first step towards stepping happily out of your comfort zone, simply NOTICE. Because most people go through life never noticing this inner critic!  Being aware of it is an enormous step towards taking full responsibility for how you feel, and this is a critical component of being able to move out of your comfort zone and enjoy success and happiness in life.