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Feminine Potential Unleashed

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Introductory Course Details

6-week course or weekend intensive
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Feminine Potential Unleashed is not a man bashing, burn your bra, power fest! But it is an experiential program that will enable you to discover your authentic, feminine capability and bring that out into the world rather than a false sense of bravado.

This experience will show you that although we live in a male dominated society it’s not their fault that women are not bringing their full potential to the world and are missing out on deeper levels of happiness and fulfilment. 


  • Do you sometimes feel inadequate or unheard? Take home practical, repeatable skills to ensure you’re always able to understand where those insecurities come from, how to move past them and continue on your chosen path with inner composure and confidence.
  • Do you experience anxiety or fear believing you are not capable or good enough? Discover simple mindfulness techniques that will enable you to manage anxiety and reveal your inner voice of nurturing encouragement and support.
  • Do you compare yourself unfavourably against others, rarely giving yourself acknowledgment for achievements? Turn around your need to measure yourself and your success against your own often unrealistic expectations and demands! Rather than habitually pushing to feel worthy, get back in touch with your inner guidance system and thrive on the very real achievements you make!

  • Are there things you’d like to achieve or dreams you have that you’ve put off or ignored? Get back in touch with your inner desires, re- awaken your passions and dreams and create a clear action plan for moving in the direction of your hearts desires.
  • Do you neglect your own well-being putting others needs before your own? Establish ongoing practices in your life that will enable you to nurture your well-being, enabling you to feel vital, optimistic, calm, composed and happy. Establish crucial practices to uphold your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing so you can be there fully for the people you love and care for.

This program is liberating and empowering in its ability to show you that any barriers in the way of your success, as a mother, a business owner, a partner, a manager, a teacher, a student, wherever you experience those barriers they are of your own making and can be changed.

This workshop enables women from all walks of life, ages and stages to do what they do best; take responsibility, understand their personal demons, do the inner work necessary and move forward with optimism, hope and an empowering action plan.

Whether you would like to thrive as a mother to your children, progress in your career or business, walk into a room with confidence, deepen your relationships, feel more confident with strangers, ask for what you want, or simply feel more comfortable in your own skin and enjoy life without worry then this course is for you!