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Get crystal clear and excited about the direction of your life and set yourself up for a fulfilling and successful 2021!

Whether you realise it or not you are always working towards goals and dreams in your life whether they be big or small.  So why not set yourself up for success?

Gaining clarity around what exactly your goals are and then maintaining inspiration and motivation is vital if you are to reach them. Whether you want to get clear on the direction of your career or your life, live with less stress, feel more confident, find work-life balance, improve your health or your relationships or plan your next holiday…  Let me help you uncover what your heart truly desires and implement a process that will propel you towards your authentic goals and dreams.


Workshop Dates

When  Stay tuned – Ruth will run this workshop again soon once lockdown is over.

Where  Studio Six, 6 Eleanor St. Ashburton

Tuition   $247   Early Bird 

Regular Tuition  $297

Includes all materials, manual with written processes and take home audio meditations to help you keep your dreams alive 

Numbers are limited as this is a personal and dynamic workshop

I felt as though Ruth was as committed to my vision as I was to creating it.  

Without a doubt, I would recommend this workshop to others!

Pragati Bhatia


I put this workshop together because my work as a meditation teacher and self-esteem coach has given me a huge insight into the esoteric and scientific reasons why some people’s dreams and desires come to fruition with ease and enjoyment, whilst others struggle without much success. Now I’d like you to benefit from this knowledge so that you can enjoy success and happiness because you are fulfilling your dreams and desires.

I have bought together all the ingredients necessary for you to gain clarity, feel inspired and enjoy moving towards your goals with ease and excitement.


You’ll go home with clarity around your goals and the direction you want your life to take, a vision board or book to ensure the enormous potential of your mind is engaged to inspire change, written processes to keep you feeling worthy, resilient and optimistic about your life and meditation recordings to use over and again so you’ll always be able to calm anxiety and re-focus on what’s important to you.

Ruth’s workshop provided a very clever and inspirational approach to uncovering and setting goals using a combination of science and spiritual information.  Absolutely, I would recommend this workshop! 

Michelle Saunders 

Join me for a fun-filled and insightful workshop where a combination of meditation, inner reflection and creativity will enable you to discover –

  • Why your new year resolutions have started to wane and can leave you feeling dis-empowered and disappointed.
  • How your mind works and why you may be sabotaging your dreams.
  • How to use meditation techniques to clear stress and anxiety and leave you feeling relaxed, calm and inspired.
  • How to notice negative mind talk and foster inner calm and composure.
  • What scientists are now discovering about the power of the mind.
  • How to get crystal clear on what it is that you want to change, create or improve.
  • The key ingredient that most people miss that creates powerful momentum and turns your hopes and dreams into inspired success.
  • Why outdated goal setting is tiring, disheartening and doomed to failure and the key elements to ensuring your full and unique potential is available to you.
  • How to clear the fog from your mind and reveal your authentic life choices.


Whether your aspirations are big or small, personal or professional this insightful and revealing process will help you live a life that makes you feel energised, confident and excited because you’ll have the skills and techniques to remain in touch with and inspired by your deeply authentic dreams and desires. 


Not simply a fluffy new age pastime, elite sports professionals and successful people invest time maximizing the potential of the mind to make their goals come to life. Now you can too.  Make this the year you stop setting goals that fade away and rarely come to fruition, and instead create a vision that is powerful and lasting.

Come to this fun and inspiring workshop and learn a process that you can use over and over again that will propel you towards your dreams and desires, in ways that striving and pushing for change never can.