A Paradigm Shift that will Change Your Life!

If you haven’t already read my first New Year blog, go ahead and do that now.  It gives you lots of advice on how to begin the process of setting yourself up for a successful year. – New Year Resolutions the Wise Way.

Reversing the ‘have – do – be’ thought process.

Did you know that over 90% of your mind is unconscious and studies show that most of our internal chatter bombarding us every day from our unconscious mind is negative!  This is a little like telling your best friend your deepest desire in life and having them call you 1000 times a day to tell you why you can’t achieve it. No wonder our New Year Resolutions are hard to achieve!

Have you ever heard the saying ‘doing the same thing and expecting vastly different results is the definition of insanity?’  Well, this is what we do each year! We declare our goals and intentions and then sit and listen to our negative mind for the rest of the year!!

But, there is a way you can turn this around, it’s easy, enjoyable and long-lasting.

Goal setting and being constantly motivated have become part of our culture, but there is often a fundamental problem with the way in which we go about pushing towards these goals.

Let’s say you’ve set a goal for yourself this year to eat well and get fit.  An admirable goal!  So, you set out to do what you believe will help you, of course, why wouldn’t you. You fill your fridge with healthy food, enroll in a year subscription at the gym and buy some new runners. Great! You’re on fire! These things you do to have a better level of fitness, less weight, and a healthy body, believing that this specific goal will enable you to be happy and feel worthy.

What I’m inviting you to do is turn this paradigm around to –  be – do – have, rather than have, do, be. In other words, if you were to use techniques to help you be happy and feel worthy before you begin to do anything, you’ll feel inspired, motivated and excited to automatically begin doing things differently. Then you’ll move with far less effort to what it is you want to have.

I can almost hear some of you saying ‘come on Ruth, another airy-fairy new age idea!’ But, I assure you that this process is well researched and well documented. In fact, Dr. Maxwell Maltz has written a best-selling book about it and advises us to activate what he calls the Automatic Success Mechanism. Research shows that your Automatic Success Mechanism wants to grow and experience a good life.  We just need to activate it.

In a nutshell, we need to engage the enormous power of our unconscious mind in a way that is helpful. Last week’s blog explains more about that – read it here. You see, your unconscious mind doesn’t necessarily want you to succeed. It wants you to get more of whatever it is that you are imagining the most, and remember what that was?  Yes, 80% of negativity!

So, the first step to ensuring that you are on the most effortless path to your dreams and desires is to ensure that you have a healthy self-image (hence the acknowledgment process in last week’s blog) and to be able to foster inner feelings of happiness, trust, contentment, peace, and joy.

Trust me, this is a process.  I know you want to get on with ‘doing’ and taking measurable action towards your goals. Try to think of this as laying a solid foundation for a house. Your house is going to fall down, just like your New Year Resolutions if you don’t have a strong foundation.

Next week, the action will start but this week is all about ‘being’.

This will only take 7 minutes a day.  I told you it was easy.

Download this short meditation
7 minutes to ease and inner happiness
It will untap your mind’s ability to find an optimal state of contentment, happiness, and self-worth. A vital step towards any goal or dream.

Then you’ll be ready to define and refine exactly what it is you would like to bring into your life this year from a place of authenticity, ease, and contentment rather than dissatisfaction and struggle.

Enjoy! I’ll see you next week for the final stage.

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