New Year’s Resolutions… The Wise Way

Would you like to do things differently this year? Try a new way of bringing your goals and dreams to life?  The powerful process of forming new habits, making positive changes, setting intentions and envisioning and bringing to life a brighter future is something that is now well researched and practiced by elite athletes and successful people.  It’s something I’ve come to understand and apply with great clarity and success this year and I’d love to share with you.

Here’s the first step –


The temptation with New Year’s resolutions is to think about what’s wrong in your life and come up with far-reaching goals to fix it. Usually, these goals have been attempted before, often year after year.  How many times have you declared you’re going to lose 10 kilos, establish a work-life balance, get fit, get organized, or spend more time with the kids? These goals come from a place of lack and disappointment and what most people don’t realize is when you set your resolutions from this mindset there’s NO chance they’ll succeed.

Why? Because most of your mind is unconscious – meaning you are not conscious of what it’s thinking or saying, it also holds all the information, thoughts and emotions about your failed resolutions. Left unchecked, it chats to you all day like a broken record and your New Year declarations are literally drowned out by this noise.  The trick is to notice when this unconscious noise becomes loud and remember that the mind likes order and clarity and very clear direction. Putting your mind in this optimal state isn’t difficult and ensures that you are optimistic, focused and take responsive action towards your goals.


If you’d like to begin a process right now of getting yourself prepared to set authentic, inspiring goals that you’ll actually have success with, download week one of  New Year Resolutions the Wise Way and spend the first week of January – clearing space, acknowledging and appreciating. Next week I’ll send you the next step.

I have a fun, productive and exciting workshop coming up in January, check out the details HERE.

This workshop will show you:

  • How to make 2018 the year you experience real momentum and success for your hopes, dreams, and desires.
  • Why New Year’s resolutions can leave you feeling disempowered and disappointed.
  • How to get crystal clear on what it is that you want to change, create or improve.
  • The key ingredient that most people miss that creates powerful momentum and turns your desires into inspired success.
  • Why outdated goal setting is tiring, disheartening and doomed to failure.
  • How to clear the fog from your mind and reveal your authentic life choices for the coming year.
  • The key to using the vast power of your unconscious mind to process information correctly and thus keep you moving towards your desires.
  • How to use the power of your mind correctly to interrupt and reverse negative, demoralizing internal thoughts.
  • How to navigate your way to positive change with compassion and self-care.

I’d love you to come to my workshop and master these techniques and much more.


But if not, do look out for the emails I’ll send out over the next couple of weeks that will take you through a process of defining your resolutions and refining the ways in which you bring them to life.

So, relax and enjoy a more positive start to the New Year by making January the month you get inspired and optimistic about 2018 and clear and excited about your goals!


Look out for the next step and enjoy going through a new process during January that will make you think quite differently about how to set goals in the future.