Mindset or Method

What’s your Achilles heel, mindset or method?

When my husband was in the Army, one of his sayings was:  proper, prior preparation prevents piss poor performance. Ooohhh, didn’t expect that from a  “go with the flow, Yoga-loving meditation advocate,” did you!

But, have you ever noticed when preparing yourself to move in the direction of one of your dreams or goals, there are two areas that need to be addressed to prevent what the army so eloquently call, ‘piss poor performance?!’

Moving away from the ‘P’ theme…   I’m going to call these two areas of investigation Mindset and Method.

Mindset refers to inner preparation. It’s to do with addressing our emotional readiness, inner resilience, motivation and ability to confidently move towards our desires.

A Method is a plan or strategy that we are going to put in place, the resources we need and the actual steps that we’ll take to get the job done.

I’ve been preparing for my next Bring your Vision to Life workshop where we address these issues in depth, so I wanted to highlight their value.

Is it your Mindset or your Method that gets in the way of your dreams and desires?

Both aspects are at play when we step out of our comfort zone and decide we’re going to change or achieve something. But, one will be your Achilles heel and unless both are addressed you may end up struggling and pushing towards your goal with little satisfaction instead of confidently moving in a direction that feels inspiring and purposeful.

We are always moving towards something we want to achieve or change, whether it be to get fit, improve our relationships, stop being grumpy, lose weight, be a better parent, friend or boss, change jobs or give up sugar, evolution is human nature, we can’t help it.

So, next time you find yourself intentionally on your evolutionary path make sure you give yourself the very best chance of achieving a goal by preparing both Mindset and Method. One will play off against the other as you take steps to ensure you’re feeling calm and confident you’ll feel more inclined to act and your action will lead to more motivation, and so on.

Starting this upward spiral of action by preparing both Mindset and Method will ensure you enjoy the journey to your goal.