The Final Step to Bring your New Year Vision to Life!

First a little background information on how your mind works.

Knowledge is power and when you understand the workings of your mind you’ll be in a powerful position to use it for positive change in your life.

Your mind is divided into two parts the conscious and the unconscious.  I like to think of the mind as a computer. The conscious mind is the screen of the computer, it’s your “waking” mind, it plans and processes data. It’s the awareness of the things you focus on in the present moment. You are using your conscious mind right now to read and process these words. This part of your mind can process approximately 7 experiences at a time, you could think of it as the organizer.

The unconscious part of your mind is like the hard drive of your computer. It’s the provider of information and compared to the conscious mind it’s enormous. This is where all the components of your life experience are stored. Everything that you’ve ever experienced physically, mentally or emotionally is filed away in the vast hard drive of your unconscious mind.  As we discussed in my last blog, unfortunately, the unconscious mind provides a lot of negative mind chatter.

Enormous capacity for change.

But, don’t despair, your unconscious mind has an enormous capacity for change and can learn positive, new responses easily. The change comes about through effective communication with the unconscious mind. When the organizer (the conscious mind or computer screen) requests resources from the provider (the unconscious or hard drive) and the communication is clear and precise the provider can deliver what is required making intentions, goals, and problem solving more creative, inspiring, free-flowing and enjoyable.

There are a couple of places left on my Bring your Vision to Life workshop if you’d like to put all this into action in a fun and inspiring afternoon.

In a nutshell

You have complete control over whether you sit in front of your (conscious mind) computer screen and listen to that large percentage of doubtful, unhelpful information generated from your (unconscious mind) hard drive or use the vast capacity your unconscious mind has for positive change and benefit from uplifting, inspiring helpful communication that will move you painlessly towards your goals.

Our perceived blocks, lack of confidence and confusion are only there because the communication between the conscious and unconscious part of the mind has not been effective. Our unconscious mind loves literal, concrete language delivered by the five senses, hence why athletes and successful people use visualization, imagery, movement, and mantras to bring what they want fully alive in their mind.

When the mind is engaged in this way your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resources are fully available to you. You become alert to what action is required, joyfully committed, calm as you reach beyond your comfort zone, inspired by things you would otherwise not have noticed and open to receive all and any help and information that would ordinarily pass you by.

So, what does this mean for your new year resolutions?

Well, hopefully, you’ve given yourself the gift of doing the acknowledgment process, so you are now aware that you have gifts, qualities, and attributes that reassure you that you are already a whole, worthy and lovable human being. Through this process we are already putting clear concrete images, words, and feelings into the hard drive or our unconscious, relegating the files that hold images and memories of lack and unworthiness to the depths of the storage space.

Then there was a short meditation to help you settle into a sense of “Being”. Habitually we are “Doers” but as you’re beginning to understand acting on our dreams and desires when we have a hard drive throwing up negative information every day is a slog!!

So, once you’ve completed those two steps now you’re ready to use all your senses to bring your desires and dreams alive in your mind and keep them alive.

  • Set some quiet time aside and prepare to write your goals, dreams, desires, intentions.

Are you a computer person or do you prefer to write? Do you write words or draw maps when you’re clarifying your thoughts?  Set yourself up so you won’t be disturbed either with a notebook or large sheet of paper if you like to draw or at your computer.

  • Focus your attention.

Sit quietly, you may want to close your eyes and begin to tune in to the goals and dreams you have for your life. Try not to get caught up in the inevitable mind chatter. Pay little attention to that voice that says “Oh, don’t be ridiculous, how on earth are you going to pull that off!” Just keep tuning into your dreams.

  • Let your imagination run wild.

If you’re a big picture person you’ll want to let ideas free flow to you and write them down or mind map them on your page. If your brain likes more order and logic it may be helpful to group your goals into lists such as work, family life, relationships, health, challenges, travel, hobbies etc.

  • Bring all aspects of “you” into play.

Open your mind beyond losing 10kg or spending two weeks on a Greek Island. Write words that convey how you’ll “feel” once you’ve lost weight, what your life will look like then. What experience do you want to have on your Greek Island?

  • Use all your senses to bring your goals alive.

To ensure you’re feeding information to your unconscious mind in clear, concise and concrete language use all your senses to make your goals as vivid as possible in your mind.

  1. Write them in a way that is appealing to you and put them in a visible place
  2. Carry a smaller list in your bag or pocket and read it regularly
  3. Create a vision book or folder with pictures of the things you desire. If you do this in a ring bound folder or spiral bound book you can keep adding and taking things out as you either manifest your intentions or they are no longer important to you.
  4. Use the Heart Felt Desire visualization worksheet to formulate your own daily visualization meditation. Download here. This is a process you can discover fully at the 6-week iRest Introductory Meditation course.
  5. Create a vision board. Stick, pictures, words, and colors on an a2 or a3 cardboard to create a fully visual scene of your dreams and goals.
  6. If you love creative writing you might like to write a poem or description of your dream life.
  7. Create a digital vision board. There are many software programs out there that will enable you to do this easily. Then it can become your screen saver.
  8. Remember to look at your vision board, or book, meditate on your heartfelt desire or read your goals every day.

Remember, your mind likes concise, concrete information and your brain also likes order and choice so be careful not to go too broad and wide, especially if you are choosing the digital option where there is scope to google everything! Narrow down to specific areas of your life or even just one area you’d like to focus on.

The main thing is to enjoy the process and see it as a work in progress. Even if you have no idea what you want, this is a great process to go through as you’ll begin to mine for clarity around what’s important to you in your life.

If you’d like to join me for my Bring your Vision to Life workshop where we will be going through this whole process it would be great to see you!

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